Casestudies - Missing oupa and ouma

issing' Oupa and Ouma

The Challenge:

To take a family photo for Oupa and Ouma du Preez with all their children and grandchildren. The difficulty was that not everyone was available at the same time for the shoot. More importantly, having everyone in the same photo was a surprise for the unsuspecting old couple.

The Solution:

On Day 1, Peter Morey photographed the entire family except for Oupa and Ouma at a scenic outdoor location, leaving space in the picture to 'drop in' the grandparents. oupa-en-oupa

The next day, under false pretences, Peter photographed Oupa and Ouma at the same venue, ostensibly for a 'wedding anniversary photo.' We then photoshopped both pictures to appear as if the whole family had been photographed together - the wonders of digital technology!

The Result:

The family was ecstatic with the outcome and Oupa was delighted with his birthday surprise. However, he still remains baffled about how it was done....